Tonal dressing is an incredibly chic way of putting together an outfit. Dressing from head to toe in one colour can be both easy and challenging at the same time, here are a few of our top tips and favourite combinations to ensure harmony and coherence.

Ways To Wear Crop Floral Sweatshirt


Try various shades of the same hue or tone to break up the over-all look. Slightly different tints of one colour ensures that the overall look isn’t too monotonous or alternatively too over-powering. Light shades of neutrals such as beige, camel, tan and cream are perfect for this as they sit under the same colour family.



Layer with a neutral basic if needed. Don’t add in any unnecessary extra colours but if you are tonal dressing with tailoring or need an extra layer for warmth stick with white or black. This won’t interfere with the overall appearance.




Think about texture, a great way to add depth to the outfit is to pair different fabrics together. With tonal dressing each material will showcase the colour in a different way. A sky blue silk will shimmer as it catches the light whilst a light blue denim is muted and mottled.


Back to Black


Keep it simple with an all black outfit. This is the most natural form of tonal dressing and effective for the chicest of day to day looks. A great way to try new combinations and play with a multitude of shapes, textures and fabrics.




Cream Lace Sleeve Cotton top


Traditionally not seen as the most practical of shades for tonal dressing, but an all white outfit is effortlessly chic and sophisticated. Not just for brides a polished white outfit is fresh and feminine all year round.



Pick a safe colour, choose more muted tones whilst still identifying what works for your style. A blue tonal outfit is a great way to be more adventurous than the usual neutrals without being too outlandish. From baby blue to navy blue, there is a host of warm, cool, light and dark shades that suit all skin and hair tones.  




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