I am passionate about creating garments with all women in mind. Each style is meticulously designed to complement a range of body shapes and sizes. From initial concept through to the final garment, each is tested and worn by a multitude of women to ensure that it looks equally as elegant on all body types.

By offering three distinct cuts throughout the collection for both tops and dresses, a variety of body shapes are considered. Each cut is designed to offer a different silhouette and flatter each individual and unique body form.





Designed to provide a loose fit, this style is cut with generous fabric, allowing for the utmost comfort. A back pleat allows for volume all the way through the garment. This style provides a straight silhouette.


This style has subtle tailoring at the waist, creating a most feminine and flattering silhouette. Gently mirroring the body’s natural curves, the style tapers only at the waist before easing out over the hips for comfort.


This is the most tailored style, created from carefully cut panelling. Designed as a close fit, this shape caresses the natural curves of the female form, creating a refined silhouette.

Each style is available in a variety of different designs, colours and garment types.

Find out which cut best compliments you.