Wearing prints or patterns is a great way to introduce colour and texture into your daily outfits. A beautiful way to express your own style, it allows for far more creativity than just your usual block colours. Although it might seem like there is an art to styling the right print combinations, there are simple ways to get started. Here are our easy tips for how to wear print.

Neutral Background

A fail-safe way when starting out with wearing prints is to pick patterns that are on a neutral background. It will be much easier to style with existing pieces in your wardrobe if the base colour is black, white, grey or an off-white such as cream or tan. The print or pattern itself can then be as bold and bright as you like yet the over-all look will remain chic and not too over-powering.  


In the detail

For those that want to experiment a bit more with colour or types of pattern try adding pieces to your outfit which just have a hint of print. Sleeve, cuffs or collar detailing is perfect for this whilst the main body of the garment remains plain. Introducing a flash of pattern in this way enables you to try new combinations in a subtle manner. 



black cotton t-shirt dress

3 Colour rule

When wearing multiple colourful and vibrant prints try to limit your outfit to only three different colours or tones in total. This will keep the over-all look balanced and harmonised without being too garish, white and black are classified as neutral so can be added in as a fourth tone running throughout.


With Denim


Denim is a timeless wardrobe staple; the perfect pairing for an effortless way to wear print. Guaranteed to be in your current day-to-day outfit line up adding a pair of denim jeans or a jean jacket to a pattern provides a simple yet versatile outfit. Dress up or dress down for an outfit that transforms from day to night.





For the easiest way to wear print simply add patterned accessories. A delicate and understated introduction yet a patterned handbag, scarf or pair of shoes can be just as effective in any outfit.  This is a chance to be ultra-adventurous and daring with unique prints, accessories form the perfect highlight to any outfit without dominating the whole look.