It's back to work time- so here's how to get organised with 8 tips to kick-start the New Year.

  1. Invest in a diary. Even in the digital age of email and phone calendars, a physical business planner is a great way to collate and organise more in-depth information. Writing things down allows us to not only better remember the information, it also helps us to better process it. The Passion Planner is a great tool for keeping track of both diary events and business goals. Always make sure, however, that you buy a diary or planner that best suits your own needs.


  1. Create lists. Create a list at the end of each working week with tasks for the following week, including a to-do list of anything that was uncompleted or outstanding. This enables you to leave work with a clear head, preventing a weekend of reflecting and ruminating on things to remember for Monday morning.


How to get organised

  1. Give everything a place. Ensure your objects and artefacts – whether work or home-related – are stored properly and in a practical arrangement. Group items or files into categories or subject matter. This will stop things getting lost and save you time when hunting for that one particular item.


  1. Keep a decluttered desk. If it’s not needed every day, it shouldn’t be on your desk. In particular, file away paperwork as you go – it takes half the time to put something in and out of a file than it does to riffle through a pile of unsorted desk papers. Keep only the essentials on your desk, allowing for a streamlined working environment.


  1. Regulate checking your inbox. Set aside dedicated times to review your incoming emails. Instead of skimming over emails as alerts are received, review your inbox at certain times of the day. This stops intermittent distractions from your current task at hand, allowing you to complete the task more quickly and efficiently.


  1. Do the task you’d prefer to avoid first. We all have a particular chore or task we avoid the most, whether it’s filling out a particular form, filing paperwork or emptying your inbox. By starting your day by getting this task out of the way, rather than procrastinating endlessly about how long it will take you, get such chores out of the way by completing them first thing, thus lifting the weigh of dread and the stress of leaving it to the last minute.


How to get organised

7. Be realistic with your time. It is important not to cram every minute of your day with meetings, deadlines and commitments. Allow yourself sufficient time to focus on your current workload. Over committing yourself will only hinder your overall efficiency. Delegate where necessary; we all reach capacity.


  1. Make it work for you. There are so many tips, tricks and tools to stay organised and efficient, so make sure the ones you use work specifically for your day and lifestyle.


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