With the days getting longer, the evenings lighter and the clothes brighter now is the time to sort out your wardrobe. Here are our top tips for how to declutter, organising and spring clean your wardrobe.


Store Seasonal Garments

With the warmer and milder weather arriving, the need for thick winter coats and boots is no more; it’s time to pack away those garments. Take this opportunity to declutter your wardrobe starting with the bulkiest of items. Winter clothes take up a lot of space in our hallways, drawers and wardrobes. Separate those particular items that you know will not be needed again until the Autumn, padded coats, fur lined items and also outdoor accessories such as scarves and gloves. Keep light weight outwear that is still practical for a showery spring day.

Clean and repair

To pro-long the life span of your garments clean and repair each year before storing away. Inspect each item for any holes, rips or marks. Take the items that can’t be machine washed to the dry cleaners or a specialist service to be repaired. Removing any stains or lingering dirt from the fabric will help to prevent it from deteriorating or disintegrating over time. The average lifetime of a garment in the UK is just 2.2 years so taking good care of your clothes has never been so important. Do the same for all your boots identifying which might need re-heeling, a much more sustainable approach than buying new again next winter.

Unworn garments

Take note of any garments you haven’t worn all season and decide why that was. Is it because it no longer fits, no longer in style, or it's damaged? Avoid throwing any unwanted items away there are a host of schemes to recycle and reuse your textiles. From charity shops to resellers, make sure you garments don’t contribute to the 300,000 tonnes that end up in landfill each year.


To get the most out of your wardrobe it's essential you can easily and clearly see the items you own in a snapshot. It’s no use having tops fallen off their hangers at the back of the cupboard. Ensure everything sits in a dedicated section within your wardrobe, whether that’s on a hanger or folded up. Have all short sleeve T-shirts sit together and all knitwear in another section. For smaller accessories such as belts and underwear get dividers or small boxes to sit within a drawer. This is a great way to keep them organised and avoid chaotic piles.